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Bluetooth Headset … Perfect!

Had the ultimate compliment on my Plantronics Bluetooth Headset today :  [in a whisper] ‘it looks like a piece of jewelry!’.  Well, I wouldn’t go that far but in white, it really does sit close to the ear and doesn’t have that annoying blinky light so many others do.  Not only that, it comes with both the ear lobe circle and a hook and 3 size tips plus recharges with a mini usb cord.

This puppy is so great, I can listen to music on my smartphone or podcasts and still answer/take phone calls without missing a beat + I hear little beeps when I have text notifications. It’s the cat’s meow!!

Mine is the M155 and the M165 is a newer version. I’ve never used the M165 so I don’t know anything about it — although I’m rarely disappointed with Plantronics.  [If any of you have the M165, won’t you please share your feedback on it? Thanks so much!]

Plantronics Marque M155 Bluetooth Headset – White (Generic Packaging)

Enjoy, Lady Boss Sharlene

Yummy fish oil … not an oxymoron!

I love, Love, LOVE coromega’s orange gel paks [taste like an old fashioned orange dreamsicle] providing high quality Omega 3s and my favorite one also adds Vitamin D3 … adds a pineapple twist.  Yummy!  Everyone knows that Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 deficiencies are taking their toll on our health.  My VeMMA premium liquid nutritional supplement is my plant-based ionic daily so all I add is my daily coromega to cover my oil-based nutrient needs. That’s how we roll in Little Mama’s house!
Coromega Omega3 Squeeze with Vitamin D3, Tropical Orange, 120 Count

Humidity can be an all-year need

It took me years to realize that every time we turned on the furnace in the fall, I got a migraine headache the following morning.  I have a sensitivity to dry air and chemicals.  Then one year we didn’t put the humidifier in our bedroom away, we left it running and son-of-a-gun if that puppy didn’t keep pumping out vapor.  Now you do have to be vigilant to keep your filters replaced and we also put a cap full of chlorox in the tank every time we refill [learned that the hard way that mold can build up on the filter and that really causes congestion and mystery].  So here is my favorite bedroom humidifier [and you may need more for children’s bedrooms] :

Honeywell QuietCare 9-Gallon Output Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology, HCM-6009


and here are the replacement filters for this unit :
GFP Replacement Humidifier Filter for Honeywell Model HCM6009, 6 pack

Enjoy feeling better!

Stay Powered Up!

I am really excited about my new solar power charger!  I have a couple of other portable ‘power cubes, etc.’ but forget to charge them; plus they seems to discharge quickly even when idle.  Soooooo, this unit has a clip for you to put on your luggage, purse, or briefcase and sunlight recharges it!  I also enjoy the 4 tips I received : ipad, mini usb, eensy round one perfect for my BT earbuds and one maxi USB that I doubt I’ll ever use.   But, hey, 3 out of 4 is great and that little one for my earbuds is hard to find!  And did I say it’s only $29.99 right now at Amazon???  Enjoy!!!

Poweradd™ Apollo 7200mAh Solar Panel Portable Charger Backup External Battery Pack for iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPods, iPad Mini Retina(Apple Adapters not Included), Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S5 S4, S3, S2, Most Android Smart Phones and Tablets, More Other USB-charged Devices

Ipad / Smartphone Stand

My d-i-l had one of these for my grandson’s mini-ipad, and I was so impressed I ordered 2 for myself. Great balance, sturdy construction, wide enough ‘lip’ that most phones and ipads with covers fit easily, small compact for travel; all around a great product that I gladly recommend and will probably buy more of as gifts. Prompt delivery.

Anker® Multi-Angle Portable Stand for Tablets, E-readers and Smartphones


We’re about to embark on our OOMA home phone journey … it’s a little scary considering I have had Ma Bell for over 60 years.   Had this new fangled VoiP phone service recommended to by a friend who loves it.  And she only lives about 1 mile from my house — I’m quite the skeptic when it comes to phone and internet service!  After all of my research, I’ve purchased the OOMA Telo unit from Amazon and will keep you posted on how it works with my newly installed nulink digital cable internet service.   If I can save $50 / month on my Ma Bell home phone, then this unit will pay for itself in 3-4 months and then my cup runneth over!! Buckle up!
Ooma Telo 100-0210-100 with Bluetooth Adapter

or without the bluetooth adapter :
Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service


Omega 3s

Omega 3s are really important … even if you take our Vemma premium supplements.  Why?  Because our premium supplements are plant and water based therefore do not build up toxic levels of anything.  Yet there are some nutrients that the body must have daily including healthy oils to absorb the oil based vitamins and nutrients.

When most hear of fish oil [Omega 3s], they wrinkle their nose and can only think of those ‘fishy’ burps.  Not any more!  Coromega is a delicious, high quality fish oil that is an orange creamy gel — even the kids will take it!  It’s really good and covers your daily needs.  You can get it in several different flavors plus they have coromega plus CoQ10 in the same orange gel paks.  My hubby takes these daily because he’s on statins so I insist that he take CoQ10 as we all have seen the research that statins deplete the body of much needed CoQ10.

The ‘Really Good’ Oil — Coconut Oil

It seems that I continually get into arguments with the AMA and ADA about their recommended cook with canola oil … grrrrrrrr. I won’t get on my rant-box here but in two shakes online you can easily find that canola oil [aka rapeseed oil] is highly toxic to your body when heated. There are also reports that 90% of the canola oil in the U.S. is GMO so that nails it shut for me right there.

My friends rely on me to do the research [and the math ] as to what is the best oil to use for everything including heat so here is what I recommend : cold-pressed, 100% organic coconut oil [my preference is that coming from the Phillipines]. The two brands that I recommend are : 1]]
2] Carrington Farms that I usually find the best price at Costco; or if you don’t have a membership or Costco near you then amazon also carries it :

Shar’s Stevia

I am asked about stevia at least once a week as more people decide that artificial sweeteners [aspartame, nutrasweet, equal, splenda, sucralose, high fructose corn syrup, truvia …] may be harming their family.

I’ve tried several brands of stevia plus checked prices at local grocery stores and health food stores to find one brand that doesn’t leave an after taste or offend my taste buds and the price is most economical. So here it is … Enjoy!
and thank you for joining a healthy, be-good-to-your-body journey.

Bluetooth Portable Keyboard

If you really want to take some speed notes, text and email, capture your ideas while they’re hot and have trouble typing on the ipad keyboard [I’m talking to us oldie-but-goodie, speed typers who can’t look at a keyboard and type a darn thing!], I found this bluetooth portable keyboard that I just love!  Runs on 4 AAA batteries [so always carry some charged up spares for those long meetings], drop it in my bag, b/t connect, and type away.  This little puppy works on my iPad, and Samsung Galaxy III android and Blackberry so I’m ready to rock!
Freedom Pro Bluetooth Folding KeyBoard for PDAs and Apple iPhone with Elegant Storage Case