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We’re about to embark on our OOMA home phone journey … it’s a little scary considering I have had Ma Bell for over 60 years.   Had this new fangled VoiP phone service recommended to by a friend who loves it.  And she only lives about 1 mile from my house — I’m quite the skeptic when it comes to phone and internet service!  After all of my research, I’ve purchased the OOMA Telo unit from Amazon and will keep you posted on how it works with my newly installed nulink digital cable internet service.   If I can save $50 / month on my Ma Bell home phone, then this unit will pay for itself in 3-4 months and then my cup runneth over!! Buckle up!
Ooma Telo 100-0210-100 with Bluetooth Adapter

or without the bluetooth adapter :
Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service


Heidi’s Yummy Carb Cycle Recipe 1

I just love the Chris and Heidi Powell team! They do so much to make our Vemma Bode and Shakes line successful with oodles of tips and motivational videos, menus, grocery lists, the great FREE app … awesome package actually.

And I love Heidi’s recipes … what a superstar Mompreneur!
Yummy Strawberries with Almond Creme

Vemma adds Chris Powell Carb Cycling Shakes

Have you heard of Chris Powell and his Carb Cycling program in his book, Chose to Lose? Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution

Now he just released his follow-up choose-you-own-carb-cycle program complete with fitness tips and recipes that boost your carb cycling success: 
Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life

And if you really want to ‘shake and shred’,  Vemma formulated and provides Chris Powell’s soooooooooo healthy meal replacement shakes that fit right into his Carb Cycling plan PLUS, when you order, be sure to sign up for our award-winning FREE with order app that motivates and keeps you on track with daily reminders, menus and recipes … even what you can eat at Fast Food!

Are You An App Lover?

Okay, I admit it … I get carried away downloading apps and then forgetting I have them, never use them, you know the drill.  But, darn it, they really are great ideas!

So I’m going to mention the ones here that I actually use and just because they fit into my passions.

First this one for Effective Entrepreneurs : FREE iPad Notes [not Notes Plus, nothing fancy, you can’t doodle or dribble, just plain ol’ vanilla notetaking at its best!].   I can have unlimited Note categories, they stay there forever so I can add/ update at any time, I can have links to click and zip where I want to go PLUS I can email my notes to myself [or others]!  That’s what I call really ‘slick’ and efficient!

I just love the Dummies blogs for talking techie stuff in layman’s terms.  Here’s their take on iPad Notes :

And if you really want to take some speed notes and have trouble typing on the ipad keyboard [I’m talking to us oldie-but-goodie, speed typers who can’t look at a keyboard and type a darn thing!], I found this bluetooth portable keyboard that I just love!  Runs on 4 AAA batteries [so always carry some charged up spares for those long meetings], drop it in my bag, b/t connect, and type away.
Freedom Pro Bluetooth Folding KeyBoard for PDAs and Apple iPhone with Elegant Storage Case