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Lady Boss ~ Getting Started Tip 1

If you’re serious about starting your own home-base business, yet ‘Sales’ is not your forte, consider that there are some companies who thrive on doing the sales part for you. And I don’t mean ‘strong-armed selling’ or ‘pushy salespeople’ stuff. But finding a team leader who is a match for you and your friends, someone who knows the products and services better than you do starting out, who listens to what you need and who makes you and your friends comfortable with the promoting piece.
Make sense?

If you want to see if you and I are a great team match, please contact me.

Meanwhile, here is a good independent article for you to dip your toe into :

Female Entrepreneur Assn


No matter how long you have been an Entrepreneur … Mompreneur … Ladypreneur, you can always use new or additional views for supporting your particular business.  I’ve just run across this website and facebook page and it looks quite promising … I’ll let you know how the free webinar I’ve just signed up for later today goes on ‘how to setup your own podcast’.
Their website is Female Entrepreneur Assn

Their Facebook

Wishing YOU ‘Soaring Success’!
Sharlene ~ Your ‘V’ Team Leader

Want to join my team of passionate prevention and Be Your Own Boss Warriors? I’d love you have you … send me an email and we’ll see if we are a great match!

ipad stand

I have used several cover/stand options for my ipad and they just didn’t suit my needs — so I went with a very basic cover/stand for everyday carry protection and then at my home office, I use this great adjustable stand that I really like [works with my cover plus it folds up, weighs next to nothing, and travels well!] :
Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, Playbook, Xoom, Toshiba, Acer, Nook and Other Tablets (IPM-TAB1)

Vemma adds Chris Powell Carb Cycling Shakes

Have you heard of Chris Powell and his Carb Cycling program in his book, Chose to Lose? Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution

Now he just released his follow-up choose-you-own-carb-cycle program complete with fitness tips and recipes that boost your carb cycling success: 
Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life

And if you really want to ‘shake and shred’,  Vemma formulated and provides Chris Powell’s soooooooooo healthy meal replacement shakes that fit right into his Carb Cycling plan PLUS, when you order, be sure to sign up for our award-winning FREE with order app that motivates and keeps you on track with daily reminders, menus and recipes … even what you can eat at Fast Food!

Swanson $5 Free Coupon

Once I have researched and found my preferred brand, I comparison shop between Amazon and Swanson [Bragg’s Organic Natural Apple Cider Vinegar with the ‘Mother’, Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 54-oz jar, Stevita Spoonable Stevia 16 oz jar] for the best deal when I’m ready to order. Both have been great to work with.

And for my blog followers, a $5 coupon off your first order!
Register and receive a $5 coupon!

Have you had enough magnesium today?

You all know that I love our Vemma premium liquid nutrition, and it does wonders for my mature bod; yet there are times when I just don’t get enough magnesium — like when I try to move the coffee table with my toes or land a wicked one-pointer on my bum knee.  Soft tissue injuries are some of the longest to heal  so I’m told to add extra magnesium to speed up the healing!

There are all kinds of magnesium available and I haven’t researched many — my chiropractor recommended this one and when worked for me and earned my seal of approval, I stopped lookin’!

I love the Organic Orange flavor by Natural Calm [Other flavors are plain, lemon, raspberry lemon, cherry]. Make myself a hot toddy most evenings [add just a little hot water at a time because this stuff fizzes like Mt Vesuvius!].
Label says : Anti-Stress Drink, balances your calcium intake, vegan, gluten-free, contains no yeast, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or flavor, fructose, or artificial sweeteners. PS – 1 T a day works for me!

Are You An App Lover?

Okay, I admit it … I get carried away downloading apps and then forgetting I have them, never use them, you know the drill.  But, darn it, they really are great ideas!

So I’m going to mention the ones here that I actually use and just because they fit into my passions.

First this one for Effective Entrepreneurs : FREE iPad Notes [not Notes Plus, nothing fancy, you can’t doodle or dribble, just plain ol’ vanilla notetaking at its best!].   I can have unlimited Note categories, they stay there forever so I can add/ update at any time, I can have links to click and zip where I want to go PLUS I can email my notes to myself [or others]!  That’s what I call really ‘slick’ and efficient!

I just love the Dummies blogs for talking techie stuff in layman’s terms.  Here’s their take on iPad Notes :

And if you really want to take some speed notes and have trouble typing on the ipad keyboard [I’m talking to us oldie-but-goodie, speed typers who can’t look at a keyboard and type a darn thing!], I found this bluetooth portable keyboard that I just love!  Runs on 4 AAA batteries [so always carry some charged up spares for those long meetings], drop it in my bag, b/t connect, and type away.
Freedom Pro Bluetooth Folding KeyBoard for PDAs and Apple iPhone with Elegant Storage Case

Combo Car and Wall USB Charger

Another VTeam favorite!  Have you ever run out of the house with all of your ‘techie ‘ *stuff* like smartphone, ipad, headset ——->>>> and realize too late that you left all of your separate chargers at home?  Well, saddle up cowboys and cowgirls because this little piece of gear is super lightweight and works with any power source.  Just be sure to carry an extra USB mini and ipad cord with you and your combo gear.  Forget about how much juice you’re using in route or when your meetups run much longer than your battery!  PS – cheaper than separate car charger and wall chargers too … I like economical and highly functional gear!

PowerGen 2.1Amps / 10W Dual USB Car charger Designed for Apple and Android Devices – White

Favorite Bluetooth Headpiece

This headpiece is perfect for my V Team!  It’s lightweight, has both an earhook and 3-sizes of  in-the-ear rings for a perfect fit, blocks out noise, connects to 2 devices at the same time so you can listen to your ipad podcasts / videos and hear / take calls on your smartphone.  Once paired, you’ll hear a message when you are out of range and then it automatically reconnects when you are back in range with another message confirming you are reconnected; no need to touch any buttons to answer a call, just say ‘answer’.  Listen to your amazon mp3 cloud player and automatically take calls.  One of the best headsets I have ever owned.  5 Stars from Your V Gal!

Plantronics M155 MARQUE – Bluetooth Headset – Retail Packaging – White


BYour  Own  Boss – Take control of your financial security and your wallet

Sharp Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, College Students, underemployed College Graduates, ambitious High Schoolers, Frustrated JOB holders, Boomers, Gen Y, Tweens, Seniors …

Join the V Team and put my 40+ years of CPA, financial, tax, management, behavior profiling, sales, marketing, business development, team building and self-employed/home based business experience on your side.

I have completed the research and leg work to give you a solid foundation to ‘go out on your own’ and worry less about what the government is going to do to your social security, medicare, health insurance, mergers, pink slips, disability, layoffs, family issues … what keeps you up at night

Here is the Company model that I have chosen as the most supportive and best products and support for Your V Team :

Is there a market for your V Team Business?  Well, let’s see…

Who do you know who wants:

  • a smaller waist
  • more energy
  • better health
  • a bigger bank account

That’s YOUR market because that’s what we have options for.

It’s BYOB Time with Your V Team !!

Welcome Aboard!