Omega 3s

Omega 3s are really important … even if you take our Vemma premium supplements.  Why?  Because our premium supplements are plant and water based therefore do not build up toxic levels of anything.  Yet there are some nutrients that the body must have daily including healthy oils to absorb the oil based vitamins and nutrients.

When most hear of fish oil [Omega 3s], they wrinkle their nose and can only think of those ‘fishy’ burps.  Not any more!  Coromega is a delicious, high quality fish oil that is an orange creamy gel — even the kids will take it!  It’s really good and covers your daily needs.  You can get it in several different flavors plus they have coromega plus CoQ10 in the same orange gel paks.  My hubby takes these daily because he’s on statins so I insist that he take CoQ10 as we all have seen the research that statins deplete the body of much needed CoQ10.