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Bluetooth Headset … Perfect!

Had the ultimate compliment on my Plantronics Bluetooth Headset today :  [in a whisper] ‘it looks like a piece of jewelry!’.  Well, I wouldn’t go that far but in white, it really does sit close to the ear and doesn’t have that annoying blinky light so many others do.  Not only that, it comes with both the ear lobe circle and a hook and 3 size tips plus recharges with a mini usb cord.

This puppy is so great, I can listen to music on my smartphone or podcasts and still answer/take phone calls without missing a beat + I hear little beeps when I have text notifications. It’s the cat’s meow!!

Mine is the M155 and the M165 is a newer version. I’ve never used the M165 so I don’t know anything about it — although I’m rarely disappointed with Plantronics.  [If any of you have the M165, won’t you please share your feedback on it? Thanks so much!]

Plantronics Marque M155 Bluetooth Headset – White (Generic Packaging)

Enjoy, Lady Boss Sharlene

Lady Boss ~ Getting Started Tip 1

If you’re serious about starting your own home-base business, yet ‘Sales’ is not your forte, consider that there are some companies who thrive on doing the sales part for you. And I don’t mean ‘strong-armed selling’ or ‘pushy salespeople’ stuff. But finding a team leader who is a match for you and your friends, someone who knows the products and services better than you do starting out, who listens to what you need and who makes you and your friends comfortable with the promoting piece.
Make sense?

If you want to see if you and I are a great team match, please contact me.

Meanwhile, here is a good independent article for you to dip your toe into :